We exist to

We exist to

We exist in order to make your academic work for you!

Our desire is to set up a platform that will solve, the problem of waste of scientific knowledge around academia. A platform what we will call “Biblus”, would be a platform for every scientific article for every topic, the area of interest. In this way, scientific foundings are accessible to everybody around the world and people who are doing research on the same topics are able to come in contact with each other. This will lead to more effective work and can make use of somebody else’s foundings and knowledge.

For so far there are no such social platforms where people can share and find connections within their own field of expertise. Knowledge is wasted and written articles are shared on protected platforms or are not even shared at all. This should change! An easily accessible platform where sharing is easy and finding as well. This is needed in order to stimulate the process of faster innovation and globalization of knowledge sharing.

The platform, what would be accessible via http:/biblus..nl would make it possible to share every slightly scientific article, together with a profile page so that people can come in contact with each other, who are also interested to innovate in that scientific area. Biblus is different from the other ‘protected’ platforms because it is easier to access for everybody and you can expose yourself as a researcher to the business world in combination with a profile and discussion board possibility.

So in a nutshell, this platform will provide the base of economic//medical/technical etc. findings that can be helpful to others. In this way, we want to stimulate a more effective way of innovation and research. The Biblus platform is developing at this very moment in a test environment on https://biblus.nl/.

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